Medical and Laboratory Equipment Packing, Crating & Shipping


For over 25 years, Alliance Packing and Shipping Inc. has served as a medical and laboratory equipment packing and crating company. PHONE: 714-966-9274 ALT #: 949-250-1515 FAX: 714-966-9276

We have extensive experience working with doctors, hospitals, manufacturers and others in throughout industry. Alliance Packing and Shipping Inc. is your one-stop solution for packing, crating and shipping all types of medical and laboratory equipment. Our high quality crates, boxes, pallets and skids are custom designed and fabricated to completely protect your medical and laboratory equipment during domestic and international transport. From medical equipment that is oversized and heavy to laboratory equipment that is delicate and fragile, our highly skilled professionals are experienced in safely handling and securely packing your valuable cargo. Our crating specialists will work with you to determine the best way to crate and pack your medical equipment. We can then arrange secure, efficient shipping to almost anywhere in the world. Call us today for all of your medical and laboratory equipment packing, crating and shipping needs.

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