Household Packing, Crating & Shipping


Alliance Packing & Shipping specializes in packing and shipping entire households anywhere in the world. PHONE: 714-966-9274 ALT #: 949-250-1515 FAX: 714-966-9276

Packing is one of the most essential elements when it comes to a successful relocation experience. If your items aren’t packed efficiently, securely, and on time, you may find yourself running late, or worse, with damaged belongings. Instead of trying to deal with the hassle of packing your own moving boxes and cartons yourself, turn to the packing services experts at All Around Moving & Storage. We at Alliance Packing and Shipping Inc. can take care of all of the hard work for you, and our full-service packing specialists use the latest in moving supplies to ensure your that your items arrive to their destination in perfect shape. No matter what types of items you need packed, we have packing and crating solutions available to help. From small everyday household items, to large heavy commercial machinery, there’s nothing that our packing services professionals can’t handle, and we do it all at great prices.

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