Assembly Line Relocation and Business Packing & Crating


We have the experience and equipment to disassemble, pack and ship large amounts of products worldwide. PHONE: 714-966-9274 ALT #: 949-250-1515 FAX: 714-966-9276

You want to relocate your production line to another site and you are looking for an experienced team with extensive expertise in handling complex tasks? The Alliance Packing and Shipping Inc. team possesses the required expertise – worldwide. Similar rules apply to the relocation of production lines as to the setting up of production lines; however, further requirements including those of logistics have to be met. The same quality and accuracy to detail of documents (drawings, circuit diagrams, specifications, etc.) is required as for setting up a production line in a new building. For successfully moving a production line, on-schedule and on-budget, twelve steps have to be carried out:
  • Stages of relocating a factory/production line
  • Planning
  • Preparations for disassembly
  • Disassembly
  • Cleaning/Disposal
  • Packaging
  • Transport
  • Preparations for installation
  • Intermediate storage
  • Installation
  • Final cleaning
  • Start-up
  • Start of production/Breaking in of machines

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